Top PS1 8 JRPGs That Need a Remake, Sequel Or Reboot

Geeim.Com – This article populer at April 3, 2015 when playstation booming in the world.  The Playstation 1 was one of the greatest consoles to ever grace our shores and when it came to JRPGs it has arguably among the best of the best. From Final Fantasy 7-9 To Suikoden but since the Playstation 1 a lot of the great JPRGs have either just died or had a few sequels which died for various reasons we are here today to discuss our top 8 JRPGs we would love to see grace our modern day console and this list is in no particular order.

  • Breath Of Fire 3 & 4


Breath of fire was a great series about a boy named Ryu who transformed into a dragon in order to save the world the story was cliche but the game was so well made it didn’t matter. It had everything from a great story that sucked you in to great powers like dragon genes on Breath Of Fire 3 meaning you had a ton of fun experimenting trying to find which dragon you could get from various genes and picking a favourite. The series died after the horrible game that was Dragon Quarter on PS2 and its about time CAPCOM finally give us a new Breath Of Fire Game.

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  • Chrono Cross


The sequel to the legendary Chrono Trigger and although not as revered it was a great game in its own right. It required multiple playthroughs to get all the characters (which it had plenty of) and had an amazing story and lots of secrets to be found. It was one of those RPG’s you could just lose yourself in trying to get every last little bit and would play through multiple times in case you missed anything. The main character Serge wasn’t a great character but it was the surrounding cast around him that made this game some to life and kept you playing for hours and hours and the battle system really worked too.

  • Legend Of Dragoon


This game had it all fantasy, dragons and best of all if you had correct timing and skill it paid off and made you feel like you accomplished something. The battle system although was ATB based had a hit timer on it so if you hit the button at the correct time you would get bonus to damage and combo your hits meaning a lot more damage. Although this is probably one of the least well known game on the list the people who do know it no doubt fell in love with it because it was so damn addictive to play. Your characters collected dragoon spirits which transformed them into legendary dragoons and made you feel all powerful and just gave you a feeling not felt in other JRPGs at the time.

  • Legend Of Legaia


This will probably be the least known title on the list however it doesn’t take away from the fact it was a great game. The game was about a world were objects called Seru reside which give humans fantastic powers however a mist descends the world one day and turns them all insane and the seru almost wipes out the human race. So a bunch of adventurers go on a mission with legendary seru who are immune to the mist to fight back the mist. Its a fairly basic story but it was a really enjoyable game at the time it’s just a shame the sequel on PS2 didn’t give the same quality as the first game and that’s probably why the series died.

  • Lunar Series


There was 2 Lunar games on PS1 which were actually remakes themselves of MEGA CD games. What made Lunar so special was a unique battle system at the time and plenty of music really using the playstations stereo output. Lunas boat song was just breathtaking and I still listen to it today. Lunar though still probably has one of the most engrossing storys and best character lineups of all the games on this list and they were very well made. It seems though the designers are more interested in porting the original games to IOS and Android these days than a sequel which is a real shame. We can really hope for a true sequel one day.

  • Parasite Eve 1&2


Parasite even was final fantasy meets resident evil and it was glorious. They also made it more realistic with guns and ammo system but still kept those JRPG systems you loved like levelling before it was in every single game like today. The games story was well told and the main character Aya was well wrote, you actually wanted to know her story and why she has these powers which you don’t really find out until the end. Even when you finished the games they gave you so much to do in the way of a giant building you could climb to get more levels and new weapons it was one of the first ever loot fest grinds outside of PC and diablo games.

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  • Star Ocean – The Second Story NTSC (U) aStar Ocean The Second Story

Star Ocean - The Second Story NTSC (U) a

There has been a recent sequel to this game but none has come close to the PS1 game the second star story except perhaps the original title on the SNES (which was later released on the PSP). This was a true masterpiece of a game where you had a choice from 2 characters and depending on who you picked you saw the story from 2 points of view and not only that you would get differnt recruits along the way even though the 2 characters you choose join up quite early. As the game has points where you split off and get to do your own thing. No other game did anything like that apart from FFVII at one small point in the game. Those small points when you split up decided what characters would join you in the future and also other things like if a certain character would like you. It made you feel like your were bonding with your characters and they were more than just addons to the main characters something other JRPG games struggled to do.

  • Suikoden 1&2


Almost as famous as Final Fantasy back in the Playstation 1 days it spawned 3 sequels on the PS2 that never go the same amount of fame and glory as the first 2. These games just weren’t good they were great. You had to recruit 108 characters in each game (most of them playable) and build up your army to battle the mighty empires of each game. But the characters wern’t just numbers either they were cooks for your castle who would through cooking competitions, or your armourer who would sell you the best armour in the game, or even your inn keeper so you could rest for free when you wanted. You were not just building an army you were building a town and it felt like you accomplished something great when you got them all and if you did each game would even give you a bonus. If you managed to get all characters from the first game the second game would even unlock the ability to play as the character from the first game. The PS2 versions were decent enough but the move to 3D took a shine off the great games and the fact they never released Suikoden 3 outside of the US didn’t help sales of that game or future titles either. Konami were the killers of this series and its a shame really.

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