The World after Pokemon GO or Where Lead Revolutionary Game

Geeim.com – This artcle about Pokemon Go Update, If you always play and download but whatever you say, but in the amazing time we live, my friends! A wave of devastating terrorist attacks covering Europe; EU falls apart after a referendum in the United Kingdom; States shocked on who will soon become their president (for the first time in history a woman or extravagant billionaire); Ukraine has been simmering flames of war; in the end, in Rio kicks off the main sporting event of the 4-hletiya – 2016 Summer Olympics, but despite all this, the main newsmaker of the planet Earth is some kind of game there. Pokemon GO, to be exact.

However, it is “kind of out there.” Pokemon GO has become a truly revolutionary game application for mobile devices. This explains the unprecedented boom caused by game throughout the world.

Mobile Pokemon: latest news

Game Pokemon GO, which is based on the principle of augmented reality, in the past month since its launch, has managed not only to conquer the hearts and minds of millions of gamers, but also sweep the front pages of all media without exception. And the response that “Pokemon Go” is in print and online media, very different. From the latter we can remember:

  • Pokemon GO app has been downloaded a record 100 million times.
  • In less than a month due to the market value has doubled Nintendo Pokémon mobile, topping the mark of 42 billion US dollars;.
  • At the same time its creators toy every day brings more than 10 million dollars;.
  • People spend with “Pokemon Go” more time than they spend on the most popular social network Facebook;
  • The Russian Orthodox Church filed a lawsuit against the developers of unique games;
  • Iran was the first country in the world that banned mobile application on their territory;
  • Russia and Ukraine game officially has not yet emerged, but “our brother” to her already being played.
  • This is only a small part of what makes writing about myself unique application for mobile devices Pokemon GO.

Before and after the Pokemon GO

However, we will not turn our stuff in the collection of informative facts about it, without exaggeration, the amazing phenomenon of our days. No, because our purpose is different. Even today, technological innovation, ” Pokemon Go ” gives every reason to share time in the XXI century in the “before and after” of the game. In this connection it is interesting to reflect how it will change our lives because of the notorious mobile application from Nintendo. Let’s speculate!

The revolution in marketing

Perhaps the most significant impact for the first time proposed Pokemon GO augmented reality technology will have on the development markenting in all its guises. A new game in the Pokémon has proved that it is able to literally enslave millions upon millions of people regardless of their gender, age, country living, political and religious beliefs. Naturally, such a huge human resources can not be neglected, as it – the key to prosperity for any commercial business.

To this prosperity has come, it is necessary, if you look, not so much: only to come up with an effective way to monetize the crowd, playing in “Pokemon Go”. Options can be a lot, but we present only some of them. Read also Digimon World Re:Digitize (Full English Patched) PSP ISO.

In the game there are virtual-real places as PokeStops and Gyms. The first is a sort of warehouse, which stored and converted all kinds of devices necessary to complete the game Pokemon GO. The second – a virtual platform where gamers can train your Pokemon, as well as to arrange between the two battles with other players.

The highlight of the acclaimed application is that all these virtual “storage” and “gyms” are clearly defined by the developer to bind to the real terrain. For example, do your pokemonskim inventory, visit one of the many bridges in St. Petersburg, and begin training militant little animals you can go down the escalator metro station “Arsenal” plant in the city of Kiev. This is a hypothetical example (check is not necessary), but the bottom line, I think, is clear.

Someone will take an interest, but where is marketing, advertising? Yes, despite the fact that these very Gyms and PokeStops game Pokemon GO in the near future is likely to be prescribed or anywhere, and in places like McDonald’s, gas stations, shopping centers, cinemas, etc. It is obvious that such a marketing move will allow these institutions to significantly increase their profits at the expense of the same crowd of gamers that even if unconsciously, but will be in these areas of spending money. Read also : The Sims 2 Castaway PSP ISO Download (USA) For PPSSPP

In turn, the creators of “Pokemon Go” in the loser will not stay. It is equally evident looks the fact that for the opportunity to advertise the manner described above by means of augmented reality games with the advertiser will have to pay a good Nintendo. Moreover, the payment for such hidden advertising in Pokemon GO will be the higher, the more will be wanting to get it. The fact that those will be very much doubt for some reason it is not necessary.

Virtual billboards

Continuing the theme, you can dream about the changes that are already in the foreseeable future touch of outdoor advertising. Imagine that in the center of the city of X conditional exactly opposite each other (across the street) is located two restaurants. Clearly, competitors to the bone!
And here you are, one of these caterers, using augmented reality to solve serious blow to business opponent. It can be implemented as follows.

When wishing to have a snack or lunch notable person comes to your competitor, his smart phone with a special application starts to vibrate violently. Client peers at the screen from which it is strongly recommended to take a look across the street. Meekly obeying, comrade sees at the entrance to your restaurant attractive virtual billboards as preappetitneyshego dishes – for three, so even with a discount of 37%.
Do you think that will make every second after such a proposal can not refuse? And, perhaps, the first one …

For shopping – effortlessly!

The technology of augmented reality, which introduced us to “Pokemon Go”, can radically change the trivial process of shopping. Agree, sometimes the idea that you need to go “shopitsya” could plunge into a state of mild depression or not. Especially if “shopitsya” do not need you, but to someone else. You use exclusively as such currently free sponsored and truck applications.

Just then, the assistance may come the revolutionary developments Pokemon GO. Imagine the following scene. Your second half lit. unwise desire to buy a luxury perfume, hearing about significant discounts which “is already two hours” spreads on the pages of the regional women’s forum.

And here you are standing in the hateful shopping center, in order to once again fulfill the role of an obedient little dog and generous. You, if you talk on cleanliness, such as do not mind. But boring – help!

Soon, however, your apathy is replaced by restrained enthusiasm when it becomes clear that the seller of perfumes this time decided to make the buying process in a very exciting virtual adventure. In his shop he offers a small download mobile app in order to use the gadget to find “hidden” around the huge mall promised discounts. But that’s not all. The seller showed great sense of humor, disguised virtual discounts and tips to his men (the female mind obscure) supermarket departments.

Thus, in a matter of seconds you from accommodating puppy reborn into a real bloodhound, whose purpose – to help find your favorite things for herself than she came and pulled you to the store. Agree with this shopping game can be tolerated. Say more, he may even like it. And if so, it is not far off the day when it was you and not your beautiful half, you will initiate a shopping trip. Thanks Pokemon GO!
Of course, variations on the theme of the game can be a lot of shopping. Our sometimes humorous example of just one of the hypothetical options. Other versions useful “Pokemon Go” technology in this area can build themselves.

Education GO

His use of augmented reality technology from Pokemon GO necessarily find in the field of education – pre-school, school and higher. In this area, by the way, too, sometimes mournful mood is present on the part of students. It can be easily overcome by using the interaction with mobile virtual reality.
Imagine that. In the English language lesson at school the teacher sets the task: to master the correct verbal combinations, which can be used a basic set of vocabulary for a given topic. In other words, the student must learn some phrases in the data word can be used, and in which not.

Usually sounded banal task runs cramming right word forms. But in the new millennium, you can go and on the other, far more progressive way. With the help of a special training application for mobile devices, the student can seek the appropriate pair for basic words, for example, in the school yard. In other words, it will act similar to the game “Pokemon Go”, at the same time seeking out non-fictional animals, and the very real English words and phrases.

Finding the right lexical fragment will be fixed accordingly gadget. So, step by step, the pupil will do what he demands from the curriculum. And that is very valuable – do it with genuine interest and a smile on his face.

A revolution in the world of computer games

According to foreign analysts, technological advancements Pokemon GO will certainly lead to significant changes in the field of traditional computer games. They are for the most part, despite the variety of genres and coolness graphics, still differ linearity storyline, predictability, and, worst of all, the passivity of the player directly. Last, as happens often, is falling apart in front of the monitor, sometimes monotonous, and sometimes frantically presses the keyboard keys, mouse or joystick, breaking level by level favorite video games.

It would seem so, it should be. Allow me to disagree! Perhaps once it was enough, but only that “sometime” irretrievably sunk into oblivion with the release of “Pokemon Go”.
Even today, with full confidence we can assume that in the near future will merge augmented reality technology and conventional computer games. In practice this will lead to the following.

You start playing a video game, for example, the world-famous first-person shooter Doom. At some point in the fight against the demonic monsters it is given to you is very difficult, because in your arsenal is not enough serious weapons. Suddenly on your mobile enters a message from the (!!!) of one of the characters in the game, which tells you to go to a certain place in real life, where you can find a gun you desired or something like that.

You are turning off the PC, and armed with his gadget, go on the specified coordinates, in order to explore augmented reality to find the right of possession of weapons. The search process can be simple or not. Everything depends on what developers have conceived, or what level of difficulty you originally chose. But in any case, you are guaranteed to drive as it is not just sitting at the computer, there are chips, washed down with cola and press the button. All of these you prefer again after returning home, when you find what you were looking for.

Particular emphasis should be placed on the fact that this kind of fusion of the traditional augmented reality and video games, in addition to new positive emotions, bring to life an avid gamers still koe-chto – the need to move more, spending time outdoors, not in a stuffy room. Agree gamer health only gain from it and say thank you – Pokemon GO.

To summarize …

… I must admit that this tiny fraction of the possible changes that would one day come into our lives through “Pokemon Go”. The potential of augmented reality much wider, therefore predict absolutely all variants of its use in the future is not currently possible. Yes it is, quite frankly, is not necessary. The main thing is that the technology is there, so – every day there will be new versions of its useful life.

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